20x24 Post & Beam Carriage Barn, Medfield, MA

We love the green color of this Post & Beam Carriage Barn in Medfield, MA. We just can’t stop looking at it. And neither can the homeowner.

20x24 Post & Beam Carriage Barn (Medfield MA)
20x24 Post & Beam Carriage Barn (Medfield MA)

Most of our customers are quite educated, and Doug is no different. Originally finding us online, Doug used our website to learn everything he could about post and beam. He wanted to have a post and beam barn built in his back yard. When Doug and his family made the trip from Eastern Massachusetts to Connecticut, he had one goal in mind: to find the best post and beam builder for his hobby barn. Doug visited The Barn Yard and also a competitor of ours while in CT.

What sealed the deal for Doug was our joinery. He couldn’t find anywhere else that offered such precise mortise & tenon connections. Doug found himself admiring our joinery, instead of finding flaws. He decided that The Barn Yard’s Carriage Barn was the most authentic post and beam barn, and the right choice for him.

The Barn Yard handled the stamped plans, 3D renderings, site work, foundation, completion of barn, and roofing. In other words, The Barn Yard took care of the entire process. The finished barn gets plenty of “oohs” and “ahhs” from neighbors and people walking by. Doug is happy to answer questions about the barn and highly recommends The Barn Yard. He is looking forward to using his new hobby barn for all sorts of exciting purposes. But for the moment, he’s content to just admire it.


  • Authentic Mortise and Tenon Post & Beam Construction
  • Eastern White Pine Timber Frame with Finished Planed Surface
  • Traditional Wood Joinery with Hardwood Oak Pegs
  • 6x8 Timber Sills, 8x8 Posts, 8x12 Tie Beams, 4x8 Loft Joists, 8x8 Top Plates, 4x8 Arched Braces, 4x4 Purlins
  • 1x8 Kiln Dried Premium Vertical Shiplap Pine Siding & Trim
  • 4x8 Heavy Timber Roof Rafters with Authentic Tongue & Fork Joinery
  • 1x8 Kiln Dried Premium T&G Pine V-Groove Second Floor & Roof Decking
  • Heavy Timber Pine Stairway to Second Floor
  • (2) 3' x 7' Pine Single Barn Doors with Oak Latches & Authentic Strap Hinges
  • (1) Pine Double Barn Door with Oak Latch & Authentic Strap Hinges
  • Pine Transom Windows Above All Doors
  • (4) 3' x 3'6" 9-Lite Fixed Pine Sash Windows
  • (2) 6' Pine Bow Top Windows
  • (4) 2'4" x 3'6" Pine Single Hung Windows

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Posted to Blog: Friday, May 08, 2015