Post and Beam Barns

Complete builds & timber frame kits.

Carriage Barn

Post and Beam 2-Story Barn

The quintessential New England barn, built using authentic post & beam construction with the most precise mortise & tenon joinery available today. One step inside and you will be moved by the artistry and details. With sweeping arched braces and extra large timbers, the Carriage Barn is nostalgically beautiful, leaving a lasting impression.

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Post and Beam 1 ½ Story Center Aisle Barn

Our Saratoga Post & Beam has a timber frame structure that is versatile by design. Floor-to-ceiling posts support the mid-span of the roof rafters and also carry the weight of the full-length center aisle loft. The Saratoga timber frame design is suitable for barns, garages, cabins, and custom homes.

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Timber Frame Kits

Exceptionally Crafted for Easy Assembly

Our Carriage Barn and Saratoga models are available as timber frame kits and can be customized to fit your needs. Exceptionally crafted on our CNC machine, the precise joinery is easy to assemble, with every timber numbered and detailed plans provided.

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