What to Look For

Before Buying a Post and Beam Building

Building a post and beam barn, garage or home requires considerable skill and knowledge of all aspects of the trade. You want to work with a post and beam builder you can trust. After all, a post and beam building, when built right, can be beautiful, precise and stand the test of time. Print this list and use it to compare post and beam builders.

1 Precision Joinery

The Barn Yard uses a state of the art CNC machine to craft every timber to the hundredth of an inch. As a result, every mortise & tenon connection is more precise—and therefore stronger—than if carved by hand.

2 Strength

The Barn Yard uses bigger 8x8 posts, 8x12 tie beams, and 4x8 braces. They lay an authentic 6x8 timber sill under all their post and beam barns. The Barn Yard provides in-depth structural engineering with every barn, reinforcing their joinery with concealed steel when necessary. They connect all timbers with authentic mortise & tenon joinery. And The Barn Yard never uses nails in their joinery.

3 3D Design

Being able to see your post and beam barn in 3D prior to building can make a world of difference. You may notice things you hadn’t from the flat blueprints, and you’re able to make adjustments to the building as necessary. The Barn Yard can provide a 3D design of both the timber frame and completed post and beam barn prior to building. 3D design ensures you get exactly the barn you wanted.

4 Complete Turn Key Service

The Barn Yard offers complete turn key service, including foundation and roofing. They have a full dedicated team that you will work with through the entire process. Full time project manager, in-house structural engineer, and their own timber frame crew. The Barn Yard’s builders are their employees—never subcontractors.

5 Heavy Timber Roof Rafters

Why spoil your post and beam barn with conventional roof framing? The Barn Yard uses all 4x8 heavy timber roof rafters, complete with mortise & tenon collar ties and an authentic tongue & fork rafter peak. The Barn Yard’s real timber-framed roof system is engineered for strength. You get a true post and beam barn, from the authentic timber sill all the way up to the peak of the heavy timber roof rafters.

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