What to Look For

Before Buying a Post and Beam Building

Building a post and beam barn or garage requires considerable skill and knowledge of all aspects of the trade. You want to work with a post and beam builder you can trust. After all, a post and beam building, when built right, can be beautiful, precise and stand the test of time. Use this list to compare post and beam builders.

Authentic Joinery

All of our timber frames are cut on our state of the art CNC machine in our 17,000 sq. ft. facility which allows us to offer the most authentic, precise, and complex joinery available today.

Larger Timbers

We use larger 8x8 posts, 8x12 tie beams, 4x8 braces, and extra strong 4x8 timber rafters. Larger timbers connected with authentic mortise & tenon joinery create a stronger frame. We craft true post & beam barns, from the timber sill all the way up to the peak of the heavy timber roof rafters.

Builders, Designers, Engineers

All in house: architectural designers, multi-state licensed structural engineers, and our own expert timber framing crews. From the foundation to the finishing touches, we do it all.

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Assembling a Timber Frame
Assembling a Timber Frame