Timber Frame Gambrel-Style Event Barn Photos

This 64' x 152' timber frame barn is nothing short of spectacular. With a gambrel-style roofline, it’s a perfect fit for the Great Plains of Iowa, complimenting the look of many of the classic barns in the midwest. However, this timber frame event barn is 40' tall so it towers over the plains, and how it’s built—timber frame with authentic mortise & tenon joinery—makes it even more unique.

What an awesome project for our team. From the design phase to engineering, no detail was overlooked. We wanted this barn to fit the Iowa plains to a T, so we opted for a gambrel-style roofline and double lean-tos off both sides. A 32' x 32' bump out, also with gambrel-style roof, was added to welcome visitors to the barn, and it even has space for cars to drive through while dropping off guests to the event barn. We cut the timbers for the barn on our CNC machines in our Ellington, CT shop and hand-finished every timber to perfection before shipping out to the Iowa jobsite. Watch the epic video for more on that. Our crew flew out to Iowa from Connecticut to raise the frame, and we had the time of our lives. One by one, each timber found its place in the frame, with mortise & tenon joinery to connect them all together. Oak pegs, otherwise known as timber framers nails, sealed each tight-fitting connection. The main section of the barn was raised first, then the lean-to rafters were set. Finally, the 32' x 32' entry was built and raised to complete the frame. A pine bough was attached as respect to the forest and good luck to all those who enter the new barn. As the sun sets on another successful raising, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment to have played a part in this outstanding barn project, and we are grateful for our customer for placing his trust in us.

Another crew will finish the barn, starting with roof decking & siding (visible on the interior), then adding structural insulated panels, roofing, exterior siding, and other finishing touches. It will be a magnificent place to host events, sure to impress all those who enter and gaze upward at 40' of timber frame perfection, with every timber & oak peg working together to create a masterpiece worthy of enjoying for generations to come.

Next Steps

Watch the epic story of this event barn raising on the biggest screen possible.

Posted to Blog: Thursday, December 03, 2020