Raising a 64' x 152' Timber Frame Gambrel-Style Event Barn in Iowa

Our team designed, engineered, crafted, and raised this extraordinary timber frame event barn in the Great Plains of Iowa. Watch the epic story of this event barn raising on the biggest screen possible.

It was an epic build in Iowa for our world class timber framers. Watch as the story unfolds, from design to crafting in our shop, talented hands perfecting every timber, to loading up 7 tractor trailers of timbers and trucking to Iowa, our crew boarding the plane, to arriving in the Great Plains of Iowa to raise one of our biggest barns to date, timber by timber, peg by peg, until the 64' x 152' timber frame gambrel-style event barn stands strong in the Iowa sunset and our timber framers proudly attach the pine bough to the frame, exhausted but exhilarated from 7 days of intense teamwork.

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Posted to Blog: Tuesday, November 24, 2020