4' x 6' Quaker (12-15 chickens)
4' x 6' Quaker (12-15 chickens)

Chicken Coops

House your chickens right at home & enjoy farm-fresh eggs every day.

House your chickens in a sturdy and safe chicken coop right at home! Your kids will learn how to care for animals while also enjoying farm-fresh eggs every day. It all starts with a chicken coop from The Barn Yard!

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Customer Testimonial

We recently purchased a 24 x 24 - 2 bay garage from the Barn Yard in Ellington, CT. Pete was our sales person. He provided great customer service and answered all our questions as he completed our transaction. Our garage was delivered as expected. I was impressed with the expertise of Chris Skinner and his associate as they operated their delivery truck equipment, and the speed in which the workers buttoned the two pieces together. I would highly recommend Barn Yard. They are very professional, knowledgeable and experts at their trade. I can’t say enough about what a positive experience I had and I love my garage! Highly Recommended with Excellent Service. Thanks to everyone!

— Susan, Bolton, CT
24x24 Classic Double Bay Garage