Saratoga Timber Frame Complete

After working all the way until nightfall yesterday and starting again before dawn this morning, the crew has raised the Saratoga Horse Barn Timber Frame! It was a monumental feat but they were up to the challenge. The post and beam barn measures in at 36' x 48' and is located in Sutton, MA.

Since every piece was precut to exact precision, this was like a big-kids version of a childhood jigsaw puzzle. 506 pieces, age 30-45, crane recommended is what the box would have said. The crew had 364 oak pegs to connect the 506 hemlock timbers, and they did so in record time: 9 hours. Plus, they did it all with smiles on their faces. Working for the Brand is hard work, but rewarding, especially after seeing the completed timber frame standing tall and enjoying a well-deserved coffee break! Next, the crew will work on roofing & siding.

Posted to Blog: Wednesday, November 12, 2014