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78' x 200' Barn Raising

It’s crane “day” this week at our 78' x 200' barn project in Goshen, CT. We work hard to get as much done ahead of time so that when crane day arrives, we can move along efficiently. Our entire crew is on site for The Barn Yard’s biggest barn raising yet!

All walls in place
All walls in place
Barn Raising Facts
  • 15 Barn Yard crew members
  • 20,000 square feet of 1x8 western red cedar
  • 2 different cranes over 4 days
  • Large enough to fit 16 tractor trailers and 2 farm tractors with implements
  • Over 500 2x8x20 wall studs, 16" on center
  • 3 weeks from start to finish

Posted to Blog: Wednesday, October 16, 2013