Massive Barn Building in Goshen CT

The Barn Yard is building its biggest project yet: a 78' x 200' barn in Goshen, CT. The foundation alone was a huge undertaking. Now the crew is building the wall panels on site in preparation for crane day.

Foundation & Wall Panels
Foundation & Wall Panels

The project is located on a farm and situated between 2 existing silos. We used the silos as part of the design. There is a ramp in the foundation from the upper level leading to the lower level. The barn will have a gambrel roof like our Patriot Custom Garage. It’s such a big undertaking, the crew brought along a Dutch Barn for storage of supplies because the crew trailer wasn’t big enough! Crane day will actually last 2-3 days on this barn because of the sheer size of the building.

It’s this project and other custom jobs that proves The Barn Yard lives up to its tagline: Builders. Designers. Engineers. This barn was designed by us, engineered by us, and is being built by us. Size is clearly no issue.

Of course, we will post more pictures as progress continues, so keep tabs on our blog for the latest.

Posted to Blog: Friday, October 04, 2013