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How To Heat a 12,614 sq. ft. Commercial Building

Radiant in floor heating was selected as the best way to efficiently heat the new 12,614 manufacturing & design facility. Rather than heating the entire air space, a radiant floor system heats just the floor space people actually use. Hany Mechanical of Ellington, CT was on the job this week installing the heating system.

Radiant in floor heating system being installed
Radiant in floor heating system being installed

As of yesterday, Hany Mechanical installed over 4,500 feet of tubing on 9 circuits in the manufacturing area of the shop. Previously, they installed radiant in floor heating in the office space and configured the system so that each individual office is on its own circuit, or zone. Each zone will have its own heat control, ensuring that everyone will be comfortable and heat can be turned down in storage space, making it an efficient system.

The Barn Yard’s Ellington and Bethel locations feature radiant in floor heating. Anyone who’s visited us during the winter months can attest to the warmth and comfort of the in floor systems. It is efficient and invisible: no radiators or ducts.

The tubing and grid will be covered up with concrete tomorrow, completing the radiant floor system. We’re excited to try it out this winter!

Manufacturing & Design Facility

12,614 sq. ft. Manufacturing & Design Facility, as of May 28, 2015.

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Posted to Blog: Friday, May 29, 2015