Manufacturing and Design Facility Update

Something unbelievable is coming soon! The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages is building a state of the art manufacturing and design facility at the corner of Lower Butcher Road & Windermere Ave. in Ellington. Read on for more info and pictures.

12614 sq. ft. Manufacturing & Design Facility
12614 sq. ft. Manufacturing & Design Facility

Manufacturing & Design Facility

  • 12,614 sq. ft.
  • Wall panel production facility for our custom building projects
  • 5 wall panel production bays
  • Office space for our design, engineering & project management group
  • Design center for custom homes & commercial projects
  • In-house marketing department


With more and more custom garages, barns, homes and commercial projects to build each year, we’ve outgrown our current wall panel production shop in Windsor Locks. The new facility will greatly improve production and allow us to keep up with demand. The facility will also house our design, engineering and project management group. They too are running out of space, so the expanded office space at the new facility will be a welcome improvement. Many people don’t know that we do all our marketing in-house. The new facility will have more space for the marketing department to produce creative videos, web features and quality printed materials.

We are excited about the new facility! It will be an unbelievable building, with production, design & marketing departments tightly integrated for maximum creativity and efficiency. Check this blog often for more updates as we complete the building.

Thinking about a building for your business? The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages can custom build exactly what you’re looking for.

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Posted to Blog: Thursday, April 02, 2015