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Post & Beam Workshop Raising Day

Yesterday, The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages raised a 22' x 40' Post and Beam Carriage Barn with 10' Lean-To in Haddam, CT. The barn will be used as a workshop and barn for snowmobiles, ATVs, and other outdoor toys. As a workshop, the barn will inspire with its timeless beauty. As an outdoor vehicle building, the barn has enormous potential. Built to last by the builders of the industry’s strongest post and beam barns.

The sun sets on a successful raising day
The sun sets on a successful raising day

After the foundation was set, our Ellington CT-based crew arrived on site and assembled the bents, or main carrying beams, of the barn. They also put together the roof rafters and organized all the timbers. It’s important to be organized and prepared for a smooth raising day.

When the crane arrived on site, the barn raising went very quickly. First the bents were raised, then the dovetailed floor joists were attached. After that, the top plates were craned into place and secured using “timber framer’s nails,” aka oak pegs. Finally, the roof rafters went up one by one. Before the sun set, the timber frame was completely standing!

Larger Eastern white pine timbers were used throughout the barn. 8x8 posts, 8x12 tie beams, 4x8 loft joists, 8x8 top plates, and 4x8 pine rafters with authentic tongue & fork joinery, to name a few. Larger timbers and exact joinery are two of the reasons we have the strongest post and beam barns in the industry.

The post and beam barn will feature 3 custom oversize overhead doors with shiplap pine facing, decorative strap hinges, and oak latches. Check back to see the finished barn!

Posted to Blog: Tuesday, October 28, 2014