Carriage Barn

Post and Beam 2-Story Barn

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The quintessential New England barn, built using authentic post & beam construction with the most precise mortise & tenon joinery available today. One step inside and you will be moved by the artistry and details. With sweeping arched braces and extra large timbers, the Carriage Barn is nostalgically beautiful, leaving a lasting impression.

Customer Testimonial

I do have a few observations that really matter for us as the Barn Yard crew was working on site. These observations are 100% positive and are beyond expectations:

1. The crew always started on time or as expected from the commute in from CT
2. The crew worked all day with short breaks as a team
3. They worked as a unit contributing to problems together without any dramas e. g. the unpacking the delivery truck was extraordinary effort and took careful thinking and contributions from each crew member until the job was done which was significantly longer than normal in high summer heat. Once the delivery was done and the driver was released they took a short break to recover and then got straight into final sorting and laydown for the barn raising.
4. The crane was in and out starting on a 7am start as expected.
5. The crew had maybe 3 boards that needed reworking and I was not involved on any of them; the crew did their own QA on the work and it was a real pleasure seeing them create the highest quality on their “own steam.” The pride in their work was obvious from the start. This was all done in the normal steady pace of progress without any dramas.
6. The crew communications as a working unit was impressive. They would be classed as quiet, never chatty and almost never distracted while being professional and polite at all times whenever I made a short but many walk through inspections. They always had a job to do and they were always focused on getting it done with care for their quality, safety and each other.
7. Every day the site was always organized and clean, tools and equipment used properly and at the end of the day a final clean up and all equipment secured. Your assets were never exposure to potential theft or damage. We are completely secluded and yet the crew never took that for granted or took a pass for proper security.
8. The crew’s carpenter skills, to a person, are top quality including their use of equipment, tools and the techniques required at times to work with unique details were obviously performed at the highest level of professional skill.

Your crew is equal to the high quality of the Barn’s engineering, manufacturing innovation and design that will be a proud legacy for us for the next 100 years.

— Tom, East Dennis, Cape Cod, MA
22' x 32' Carriage Barn with 10' Lean-To and 10' Porch Overhang