What to Look For

Before Buying a Garage

When you’re in the market for a garage, you want the highest quality. You want your garage to have a timeless style. And you want to work with a builder you can trust to take care of all the details along the way so you don’t have to. Use this list to help choose the right builder for your garage.

Custom Builders

Custom designed, professionally engineered and built on site, we are real custom builders. We have all the experience & resources necessary to bring your custom project to life.

In-House Design & Engineering

Four full-time architectural designers draw detailed plans on a daily basis. We have multi-state licensed structural engineers in-house. This means our buildings are designed to meet even the most strict building codes.

Our Own Crew

It’s our employees all the way, from building the wall panels in our manufacturing facility, to bringing them out to your site, craning up the walls & roof trusses, and completing the finishing touches on your finely crafted garage.

Ready to get started?

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Working for the Brand: The Barn Yard Crew
Working for the Brand: The Barn Yard Crew

Crane Day
Crane Day