Frequently Asked Questions

The Barn Yard’s Showcase Location in Ellington CT
The Barn Yard’s Showcase Location in Ellington CT

Do I need a building permit?
The Barn Yard provides every customer with an engineered drawing of their building, our insurance information, our contractors license, and all other necessary paperwork to obtain a building permit.
It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain a permit.

What is your warranty?
We offer a 10 year warranty on every storage building. This covers all of the structural areas including the roof, floor, and walls.

How do I get ready for the delivery of my shed?
We make it easy. Ask about our stone pad service.

What are your payment terms and options?
Payment terms vary depending on your specific building, but typically a 1/3 deposit is required to order your building. We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, & Discover Card for your initial deposit, with the balance due upon delivery. Financing is also available with approved credit. Learn more about Financing »

What are the differences between your series?

Size, height, roof pitch, and overhang style are key differences between our buildings, as illustrated in the diagram.

Building comparison illustration

Site Preparation

The Barn Yard not only provides you with affordable, quality storage buildings, but we can also help you properly prepare your site. By utilizing The Barn Yard’s Stone Pad service, you and your building will benefit in many ways, including maximizing the appearance and durability of the building as well as extending the lifespan of your building.

Remember, installing a stone pad does not mean placing the storage building onto blocks, or a simple layer of stone. To create a sufficient stone pad, we recommend that you designate a level area for your building and we’ll prepare the stone pad with 3/4" crushed stone, 4-6 inches deep, 1' larger than the footprint on each side of the building to obtain ultimate benefits (e.g., 10' x 16' building = 12' x 18' stone pad).

Why is a Stone Pad Important?

  • 100% Floor Support
  • Drainage
  • Appearance
  • Lifespan

Ask About Our Stone Pad Service

Our professional crew takes care of the stone pad for you. It’s well worth it to have our crew do the work.

  • Laser-Levelled Stone Pad
  • Work Completed to Our High Standards
  • Extremely Convenient

A quality building deserves an equally quality stone pad.


Delivering More Than What’s Expected

No site is too difficult for The Barn Yard. Before you rule out the delivery of a fully assembled shed, send us pictures of your site. More often than not, our professional drivers can maneuver your shed carefully around obstacles and set it perfectly in place.

The Barn Yard’s Fleet of Delivery Vehicles
The Barn Yard’s Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

Delivery Options

*Additional charge. Ask for details.

Premier Delivery

Only the Best

By using the Mule instead of a typical shed delivery with truck and trailer, almost 20,000 pounds are removed from your yard. Tight spaces and challenging sites that may have been an issue before with traditional truck & trailer shed delivery are now no problem for the Mule. Premier Delivery »