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Join Everett Skinner IV for an in-depth educational tour of our advanced timber frame design & manufacturing facility in Ellington, CT. Start in the design department and learn about our design process. Then head into the shop, where design becomes reality. See our CNC machines in action, up close, with sawdust flying and timber frame joinery being crafted with precision, then hand finished, ensuring the highest quality, most authentic timber frame barns & kits available today. Learn about the many different milling bits in our CNC machines and the purposes of each. See how timber frame barn kits are made and how long it takes to create one. Learn all about joinery—the art of connecting timbers with only wood to wood connections—and why we’re blending modern technology with old-time tradition to bring new life to this lost art. Discover the difference between post & beam and timber frame. Learn how to choose the best type of timber for your project. Find out how we reuse sawdust by making timber pucks. And see what makes our timber frame kits the best.

Carriage Barn Raising in Burlington, CT

Watch as our crew builds a post & beam Carriage Barn—from timber frame to completed barn—in Burlington, CT. Our post & beam barns start in our manufacturing & design facility in Ellington, CT, where the timber frame is cut on our state of the art CNC machine. This allows us to offer the most authentic, precise, and complex joinery available today. We use larger 8x8 posts, 8x12 tie beams, 4x8 braces, and extra strong 4x8 timber rafters. Larger timbers connected with authentic mortise & tenon joinery create a stronger frame. We craft true post & beam barns, from the timber sill all the way up to the peak of the heavy timber roof rafters. We offer the complete package under one roof: architectural designers, multi-state licensed structural engineers, and our own expert timber framing crews. From the foundation to the finishing touches, we do it all.

Insulating a Post & Beam Barn with SIP Panels

Join host Everett Skinner IV, P.E. of The Barn Yard as he discusses the benefits of insulating a post & beam barn with SIP Panels and goes through the installation process on site with The Barn Yard crew. Of the many ways to insulate a timber frame structure (such The Barn Yard's post & beam barns) SIP panels are the best for a number of reasons. First, they allow the full depth of the posts on the interior of the structure to show. Second, SIPs provide outstanding insulating properties. And finally, because SIPs are manufactured to exact specs to perfectly fit your barn, they are easy to install. Learn all about SIP panels in this educational video from The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages.

Great Country Timber Frames

Power, passion, and sawdust. CNC-machined joinery, passionate timber framers, and epic timber frames. This is Great Country Timber Frames. Offering the most authentic, precise, and complex timber frames, custom designed to be a perfect fit for your home, business, barn, or outdoor living space. Great Country Timber Frames is The Barn Yard’s sister company.

Learn more about the project featured in the video: an 80' x 120' Timber Frame Barn in Hopkinton, NH »

The Iowa Barn

It was an epic build in Iowa for our world class timber framers. Watch as the story unfolds, from design to crafting in our shop, talented hands perfecting every timber, to loading up 7 tractor trailers of timbers and trucking to Iowa, our crew boarding the plane, to arriving in the Great Plains of Iowa to raise one of our biggest barns to date, timber by timber, peg by peg, until the 64' x 152' timber frame gambrel-style event barn stands strong in the Iowa sunset and our timber framers proudly attach the pine bough to the frame, exhausted but exhilarated from 7 days of intense teamwork.

The Story of the Carriage Barn

Watch the construction of an authentic post and beam 2-story carriage barn in Ellington, CT from foundation to timber frame to completion. Learn about The Barn Yard’s precise mortise & tenon joinery, watch their crew raise the barn, and go inside the finished carriage barn with Barn Yard owner & resident structural engineer Everett Skinner IV, P.E.

David’s Story

After researching New England post and beam builders extensively, David chose The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages to design, engineer, & build his post and beam barn on his property in Sutton, MA. This video tells David’s story, his experience with The Barn Yard, and what he plans to use the new barn for.

Post and Beam Barn Tour

Tour a completed post and beam barn built by The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages in Sutton, MA. Barn Yard owner & resident structural engineer Everett Skinner IV, P.E. leads the tour, pointing out the features, both inside and out, that make our post and beam barns better, stronger, and more appealing.

Building a Dream Barn

This the story about the construction of a 36' x 48' Saratoga Post & Beam Barn in Sutton, MA. It combines time lapse video with photos of the building process, and hopefully inspires you to build the barn of your dreams. We look forward to working with you!

18' x 20' Carriage Barn Video Tour

Looking for a smaller barn or workshop? This 18' x 20' 2-Story Post & Beam Carriage Barn on display at our Bethel Showcase Location might be a perfect fit. Check out this video tour and imagine what you could do with a post and beam barn like this. It’s available as a timber frame kit for shipping nationwide.

If you’re thinking about a post and beam barn, continue to explore our post and beam barns website. The next step would be give us a call at 860-896-0636, or even better, stop by one of our showcase locations in Ellington, CT or Bethel, CT to see the post and beam barns on display for yourself.

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