Custom Garages

Multi-car garages, 1–2+ story, built on site.


A-Frame-Style 1 ½ Story Garage

This popular A-frame garage fits in perfectly with many of the cape and colonial style homes found in New England. Add a dormer or additional windows for extra space and light to create an attractive building to match the details of your home.

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Gambrel-Style 1 ½ Story Garage

Get the most for your money with this barn style garage. Its Gambrel room upstairs gives you maximum space for storage, workspace, or whatever purpose you have in mind. Side it with wood or vinyl to achieve the look you like. Whether for business, pleasure, or living space, you will be pleased with all the room it delivers.

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Saltbox-Style 1 ½ Story Garage

The Berkshire exemplifies New England charm with its saltbox style. Here you will find the extra room designed especially to accommodate your needs. To create more space upstairs add a gable or shed dormer.

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A-Frame-Style Single Story Garage

This single-story garage has a standard 4-12 roof pitch and is an affordable and practical choice. We can design the building to suit your needs and even increase the roof pitch to 6-12 in order to accommodate a spacious storage loft.

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Saltbox-Style Single Story Garage

The Woodstock Garage is a single-story model of our popular Berkshire 1 ½ story garage. This garage has an aesthetically pleasing saltbox-style roof and two foot overhang on the front that adds character to the building.

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