30' x 50' Timber Frame Pavilion at WCSU

The Barn Yard recently built this 30' x 50' Timber Frame Pavilion on the West Side Campus of Western Connecticut State University. Elements of powder-coated steel are used together with precise wood joinery to connect the timbers on the impressive pavilion.

30' x 50' Timber Frame Pavilion at WCSU in Danbury, CT
Closeup of powder-coated steel reinforcing traditional wooden mortise & tenon joinery on this Timber Frame Pavilion at WCSU in Danbury, CT

Spanning 30 feet with a timber roof truss is no easy task for a timber framer. One option is using a hammer beam truss, like in our Alpine timber frame pavilion. But for this pavilion on the WCSU campus, a king post truss was designed for the 30' span with 6-12 roof pitch. In order to accomplish the long span and support the weight of the heavy timbers (plus snow load), we engineered the timber roof trusses to include powder-coated steel gussets and hidden steel plates & bolts to reinforce the traditional wood joinery. The result is a beefy structure that is every bit as strong as it looks.

8x8 king posts and 8x12 principal rafters with arched struts add structure and class to the closed truss design. 6 king post trusses support the continuous 6x12 ridge beam. The frame is Eastern White Pine, with the exception of the 8x10 Douglas Fir tie beams. We even added decorative rafter tails for an elegant look. The beauty of post & beam construction and the benefits of modern engineering are present in this 30' x 50' timber frame pavilion. We thank WCSU for the work and hope they get much use & enjoyment out of the new pavilion!

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Below, see pictures from raising day, when our crew of timber framers assembled the frame on site. Everything fit together perfectly, thanks to good planning, and cutting the frame on a state-of-the-art CNC machine!

Posted to Blog: Wednesday, February 10, 2016