Press Release: Record Turnout for Open House at Great Country Timber Frames

Great Country Timber Frames hosts record-setting open house event on Saturday with over 500 people in attendance at new facility in Ellington, CT.

Everett Skinner IV (President of GCTF) leads a demo of the CNC machine
Everett Skinner IV (President of GCTF) leads a demo of the CNC machine

Contact: Erik Koehler
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January 26, 2016 (Ellington, CT) — On Saturday, January 23, Great Country Timber Frames hosted an open house at their new manufacturing & design facility in Ellington, CT. The event drew over 500 people from all over Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New England. Great Country Timber Frames provided demonstrations of their new CNC machine, which was made in Italy and is currently only one of three machines like it in the country. The machine is used to cut joinery for timber frame structures. In groups of 20, visitors got to watch the machine demonstrate its speed and accuracy by creating a 3' timber with 6 different types of joinery — in under 6 minutes.

Visitors also learned how Great Country Timber Frames makes post & beam buildings using wood-only connections, meaning no nails in the entire timber frame. The public got to see first hand how precise the machine is able to cut timber frame joinery for post and beam homes & barns. They learned that precision in wood joinery equates to a much stronger timber frame.

100% wood briquettes were offered for sale to the general public at the event. Great Country Timber Frames makes these briquettes from sawdust and wood scraps from the CNC machine. Other environmentally-friendly measures were also on display at the open house, including a radiant in-floor heating system that efficiently kept the entire building warm for the demonstrations and tours.

Hot chocolate and homemade donuts were served.

The public left with flyers & brochures about post & beam barns and homes that the company builds. They were also shown a video about the construction of a post and beam barn in Ellington, CT.

Great Country Timber Frames plans to host another open house next year around the same time.

Great Country Timber Frames is a sister company of The Barn Yard. Learn more »

For more information about Great Country Timber Frames, please visit or call 860-454-9103.

Inside a recently built post and beam barn

Inside a recently built post and beam barn (click for more photos)

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