Inside the Saratoga Post & Beam

The interior of this Saratoga Post and Beam Barn is spacious, intricate, and inspiring. Floor-to-ceiling posts, gorgeous center aisle loft, and perfectly cut heavy timbers provide ample eye candy in every direction. It doesn’t get more beautiful than this.

Our Saratoga Post and Beam has a timber frame structure that is very versatile by design. The Hemlock bents (main carrying beams) can be spaced either 10 or 12 feet apart, providing lots of floor space for storage, or in this case, 4 vehicles. 8x8 floor-to ceiling posts rise 16' high to support the mid-span of the roof rafters, and also carry the weight of the loft above the center aisle. The Saratoga timber frame design is suitable for barns, garages, cabins, and even custom homes.

The timber frame was made out of Hemlock and the barn was sided in pine. A 10' lean-to was added with 3 Dutch doors. Sliding barn doors with glass welcome you into the barn and allow plenty of light to illuminate the interior. Located in Sutton, MA, this 36' x 48' Saratoga Post and Beam Barn is a stunning addition to the property.

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Posted to Blog: Friday, January 09, 2015