Equal Parts Strength & Beauty

This particular Post & Beam Carriage Barn required extra reinforcing due to the 26' span and heavier snow loading in Colebrook, CT. Upon structural analysis of the frame, traditional wood joinery with oak pegs was not found to be adequate enough to resist the significant tension loads the joint had to transmit.

Steel tension rod
Steel tension rod

We custom designed and fabricated steel tension rods with steel pegs to resist the outward thrust of the roof rafters at the interior bent locations. All completely concealed of course! The result is a barn with all the structural soundness of today’s engineering, without sacrificing any of the beauty and nostalgia of a traditional post & beam barn.

Take a closer look inside the old timber frame barns that dot the countryside. Many have steel rods and turn buckles that were added in areas where joinery has failed. The Barn Yard is proactive with their engineering and recognizes these potential problem areas ahead of time.

The Barn Yard takes great consideration to the design and engineering of each individual post and beam project. Learn more about post and beam barns »

Posted to Blog: Monday, December 15, 2014