Danbury Elks Lodge Crane Day

Since when did a little snow stop The Barn Yard crew? Following blizzard conditions yesterday, the crew was at the job site first thing this morning. They had no time to waste. Today is crane day at the new Danbury Elks Lodge on Route 7.

Elks Lodge Crane Day
Elks Lodge Crane Day

The new Elks Lodge will be an architecturally stunning building. Timber framing in the gables, timber framed entrance, full walk-out basement, and wide open event space upstairs, all overlooking a river, this could very well be the best Elks Lodge in the state. 

5,650 square feet, 3 stories, turkey tail peaks, rustic vinyl siding, steel beams & columns, built ultra strong.

Piece by piece, wall by wall, truss by truss, the building takes shape on crane day. It's the most exciting day in the entire building process because you get to see the building constructed throughout the course of just one day.

The design was finalized very early on in the process. Remarkably, very few if any changes were made to the original design submitted by The Barn Yard team. The Elks said The Barn Yard's design captivated them like none of the other designs they'd seen. Perhaps it was the western style or maybe the efficient & open floor plan, but whatever it was, we were proud to be chosen as the builders, designers, & engineers for the job.

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If you're driving by on Route 7, honk to say hello to the crew. They'll be Working for the Brand until the job is done.

Posted to Blog: Wednesday, December 18, 2013