Shed Delivery with Truck, Trailer, and Mule - From The Barn Yard to Your Yard

Watch how The Barn Yard delivers quality sheds in CT, MA, RI and New England from our showcase location in Ellington, CT to your yard.

Using an advanced truck & trailer, our professional drivers transport your fully assembled shed down the road. If you opted for our Premier Delivery Service, we use a lightweight & quiet machine known as the Mule to bring the shed across your yard, with minimal impact. The driver will operate the Mule via remote control and guide your shed exactly into place. In a matter of minutes, your shed is ready to use. We also offer standard truck & trailer delivery, where the driver will drive the truck & trailer across your yard to place the building on your stone pad.

No site is too difficult for The Barn Yard. Our professional drivers can maneuver your shed carefully around obstacles and set it perfectly in place. If you have tight spaces and a challenging site, our Premier Delivery Service with the Mule could be the perfect solution.

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Posted to Blog: Wednesday, September 22, 2021