It’s in the Details

This 26' x 28' Carriage Barn stands out with its many customizations including a 12' open lean-to, 16' transom dormer, and a 24' timber frame eyebrow roof.

26' x 28' Carriage Barn (Fairfield CT)
26' x 28' Carriage Barn (Fairfield CT)

The Eastern White Pine frame, Spanish Cedar entry and garage doors, timber frame eyebrow roof, transom dormer, and timber frame open lean-to elevate the look of this Carriage Barn. All the details together compliment each other and make a truly custom building.

The barn is just as detailed inside as it is outside. Exposed structural timbers with authentic timber frame joinery, extra space created by the transom dormer, and a timber stairway are some of the standout features. SIP panels on the roof & walls, behind the interior layer of shiplap pine and tongue & groove decking, insulate the barn for comfortable use year-round.

Next Steps

Posted to Blog: Wednesday, March 03, 2021