Custom Carriage Barn: Oxford Academy

This 26' x 60' Carriage Barn with 14' Lean-To makes a spacious recreational hall for Oxford Academy in Westbrook, CT.

26' x 60' Carriage Barn with 14' Lean-To (Westbrook CT)
26' x 60' Carriage Barn with 14' Lean-To (Westbrook CT)

There is plenty of space for multiple gaming tables including a pool table, air hockey, and table tennis. Also, many oversized couches fill the space without crowding. Upstairs, students can study or read with all the natural light coming in from the bow top window and 24' windowed transom dormer. It’s a relaxing place to unwind after a busy day.

It was great working with Oxford Academy to design & build their new recreation hall and student center at their Westbrook, CT campus. Customizing our Carriage Barn by removing 3 loft floor modules, leaving only 1, opened up the interior to make it more spacious with a clear view from the main level up to the roof rafters. The single loft module was perfect for a study loft in the mezzanine. By adding a 14' x 60' enclosed lean-to, additional space was created for a gaming area with air hockey, billiards, and ping pong. Also considered in the design are bathrooms (under the mezzanine) and a kitchen prep area (in the lean-to). The result is a unique, inspiring, and multifunctional recreation hall and student center for the students at Oxford Academy.

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Posted to Blog: Monday, March 01, 2021