Timber Frame Raisings

Enjoy this fast-paced video showcasing timber frame raisings from all over New England, from Carriage Barns to timber frame homes, center aisle barns, custom barns, event venues, timber frame pavilions, and more.

After the timbers are expertly crafted in our Ellington, CT shop, it’s time for our favorite day, raising day: the day we connect the timbers together with oak pegs instead of nails and construct the timber bents, or cross-sections of the building, made of structural posts & beams. We then raise the bents into place with a crane and build the barn up from there: first the dovetailed floor joists, summer beams, braces, and top plates, then the ridge beam, roof rafters, and dormers.

Next Steps

Posted to Blog: Wednesday, December 09, 2020