Post and Beam 1 ½ Story Center Aisle Barn

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Our Saratoga Post & Beam has a timber frame structure that is versatile by design. Floor-to-ceiling posts support the mid-span of the roof rafters and also carry the weight of the full-length center aisle loft. The Saratoga timber frame design is suitable for barns, garages, cabins, and custom homes.

Customer Testimonial

I want to thank Mark, Joel and Chris and crew for an excellent job and I would recommend The Barn Yard to all my friends. One final thanks, I don’t want to forget the foundation and excavation companies that you arranged for us. They were also very responsive and the work was top-notch. Thank you again for a great post and beam barn and I hope you have many successes in the future.

— Peter, Ridgefield, CT
22' x 32' Post and Beam Carriage Barn