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Jackson Timber Frame Pavilion in Backyard Oasis

This massive 24' x 24' Jackson Timber Frame Pavilion is a key part of this backyard oasis in Ellington, CT. Located close to the house, it has an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, TV, seating, and dining area. Check out these inspiring photographs.

24' x 24' Jackson Timber Frame Pavilion (Ellington CT)
24' x 24' Jackson Timber Frame Pavilion (Ellington CT)

The customers love the outdoor living space created by the pavilion. They opted to install it close to their house to make it easy to get outside and enjoy their backyard. It gets a lot of use all year: hosting pool parties in the summer with a BBQ under the pavilion, watching football by the fireplace under the pavilion in the fall, toasting marshmallows in the winter, and watching everything turn green in the spring. The customers installed heaters under the pavilion to extend the use well into the colder season.

Because of the clear span timber frame construction with arched beams, hip roof, and boss pin, there are no posts to get in the way, allowing an open feel to the 24' wide pavilion. What would you do in a real timber frame pavilion from The Barn Yard?

Remember, our timber frame pavilions are available fully built or in kit form for shipping throughout the USA.

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Posted to Blog: Wednesday, September 27, 2017