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The Timber Frame Reverse Gable Dormer, Done Right

All authentic timber frame joinery, heavy timbers, intricate details, strong and exceptionally built, this is the timber frame reverse gable dormer, done right. Here it is as viewed from the inside and outside of this 24' x 36' Carriage Barn with 10' Lean-To in Tolland, CT.

Timber Frame Reverse Gable Dormer
Timber Frame Reverse Gable Dormer

The timber frame reverse gable dormer offers additional space and light on the inside, and is aesthetically pleasing on the outside of the post and beam barn.

We love how it looks like the ridge is being effortlessly lifted up by the posts in this Carriage Barn second floor. This is the result of exceptional design and construction.

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Posted to Blog: Monday, May 15, 2017