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Building the Wedding Pavilion at Mad River Barn in Vermont

Up in Waitsfield, Vermont, we built a 40' x 100' timber frame pavilion for Mad River Barn to use as a wedding and event venue. The pavilion features intricate timber frame construction with authentic mortise & tenon joinery.

40' x 100' Timber Frame Pavilion (Waitsfield VT)
40' x 100' Timber Frame Pavilion (Waitsfield VT)

The largest timber in the pavilion measures 10" x 14" x 32', which is one of the largest timbers we’ve processed to date with our CNC machine in our Ellington, CT timber framing shop.

There are a total of 9 queen post timber trusses in the pavilion and each custom designed timber truss weighs over 6,000 pounds. The bottom chords of the queen post trusses are joined using scarf joints with red oak wedges in order to span 40 feet. Wedged anchorbeam tenon joinery is also found on the bottom chords, and again, tightly secured with red oak wedges. Powder coated steel bolts & hidden plates were engineered into the design to reinforce the traditional wood joinery at key points.

All authentic timber frame joinery for the project was cut on our CNC machine for precise connections. Looking at the final frame, the intricacies of the design, tight connections, complex joinery, and oak pegs galore offer great visual interest and proof of real timber framing. This is no standard pavilion. This is exceptionally built post & beam.

When all is said and done, the pavilion will include a commercial kitchen, restrooms, and a stone fireplace. It will also have heaters in the ceiling, an acoustic glass wall along one side, and motorized roll down clear vinyl panels for weather protection along the other side. Read about the project on Mad River Barn’s blog »

It was a pleasure to work with the good folks at Mad River Barn and we’d highly recommend you stop by next time you’re looking for a bed and breakfast in VT or a great Vermont wedding venue. What a place to get married!

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Posted to Blog: Monday, March 06, 2017