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Great Country Timber Frames Hosts Educational Open House

Over 300 people visited the manufacturing & design facility at Great Country Timber Frames in Ellington on Saturday, January 21, for the company’s annual educational open house event.

Visitors began their educational tour of Great Country Timber Frames in the design department. It is there that the company’s full-time architectural designers & professional engineers create the plans for post and beam barnspavilionshomes, and more.

Moving into the manufacturing side of the facility, guests were able to visit different stations and learn about timber framing. The stations ranged from a facts station, featuring a slide show and impressive statistics since Great Country Timber Frames’ last open house, to a joinery station, where visitors could put together smaller versions of the company’s precise mortise & tenon joinery, then to the CNC machine, one of only three of its class in the US, to see a customer’s Carriage Barn come to life, where precision joinery is cut and every piece is numbered. A select structural grade 1,300 pound Douglas Fir beam, measuring 10" x 20" x 26', was on display in a station all about Great Country Timber Frames’ upcoming project at Sonny’s Place. Timber Pucks, the company’s unique wood burning briquettes, made from compressed sawdust and wood remnants from the CNC machine, were offered for sale.

The newest Great Country Timber Frames design, the Bridger Timber Frame Pavilion, was on display with kit and built pricing. The Bridger features a simpler design than their other pavilions.

Visitors left with brochures and custom-made wooden coasters.

“It was a great crowd—very interested in timber framing and ready to learn more about our operation. What really excited us was seeing people who visited last year bring additional family members & friends this year. They would identify the joinery on the Bridger Pavilion and explain how it works to their friends & family. We’re all about educating our customers and you know you’ve done a good job when the student becomes the teacher,” said Erik Koehler, Marketing Engineer for Great Country Timber Frames.

The company plans to host another educational open house on the third weekend of January next year.

Below are the posters from the event.

Learn more about Great Country Timber Frames at www.gctimberframes.com

Posted to Blog: Monday, January 23, 2017