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Fall Fest 2016 Recap

The Barn Yard’s Fall Fest, held at the company’s Ellington location on Saturday, October 15, was a fun and educational event for a large crowd this year. The main attraction was a demonstration of The Barn Yard’s new remote-controlled shed delivery machine known as the “Mule,” which is the first of its kind in Connecticut.

The Mule fascinated everyone (even the kids)
The Mule fascinated everyone (even the kids)

The Mule is a lightweight, quiet machine operated by remote control that saves almost 20,000 pounds off the customer’s lawn at the time of shed delivery. It also makes delivering in tight spots a breeze. The Barn Yard’s sheds are delivered fully assembled and ready to use, so with the Mule, that means the company will be able to deliver more sheds to more places that would be otherwise inaccessible with traditional truck & trailer delivery, and leave less of a trace in the process.

At the Fall Fest, people enjoyed watching Chris demonstrate the many functions and features of the Mule. Chris took the Mule for a spin around The Barn Yard’s front parking lot at the Ellington location, driving over curbs & grass, raising & lowering the shed, and making tight turns. “It’s like a remote-controlled race car, only a lot bigger,” one onlooker remarked.

“This is perhaps the easiest and most nimble way to move a shed around, and we’re proud to have the first one in Connecticut,” said Chris Skinner, Vice President of The Barn Yard. “For well manicured lawns & tight spots, the Mule is a must.” NBC CT interviewed Chris at the event.

The Barn Yard provided apple cider & donuts from local favorite Johnny Appleseed’s, plus CT-made Hummel hot dogs. The company also gave away large pumpkins.

“The new Mule demonstrates The Barn Yard’s continued commitment to innovation in the shed market and reconfirms The Barn Yard’s position as market leader for high quality sheds and first class service,” said Marketing Engineer Erik Koehler. “We’d like to thank everyone for coming and hope they find the Mule delivery to be a beneficial new service.”

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Posted to Blog: Monday, October 17, 2016