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A High Quality Vinyl Shed

This 12' x 18' Traditional Vinyl Cape in Enfield, CT features taller walls, solid core fiberglass doors with transoms, shed cupola, weathervane, and more. It’s a great example of the quality and look you get with The Barn Yard’s Traditional Vinyl Cape sheds.

12' x 18' Traditional Vinyl Cape (Enfield CT)
12' x 18' Traditional Vinyl Cape (Enfield CT)

Traditional Vinyl Cape Standard Features

  • 3/4" Fire Retardant Pressure Treated Floor System 12" O.C.
  • 7' Wall Height (at least 6" taller than the competition)
  • Solid Core Fiberglass Double Door (knock on it to feel the difference)
  • 6" Overhangs
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles
  • Vinyl Siding (Gray)
  • 24x36 4/4 Windows with 12" Louvered Shutters*
  • 10 Year Warranty

Upgrades Pictured

  • 10" Transoms in 5' Double Door
  • Additional 6' Double Door
  • Flowerboxes
  • 4' Loft
  • 25" AZEK Vinyl Shed Copper Top Cupola
  • Country Doctor Weathervane with Arrow and Clear Coat

The attention to detail on this building is exceptional. From the generous 7' wall height and built-in loft inside to the quality vinyl siding, 6" overhangs, and 30-year architectural shingles on the exterior, this is a high quality shed that brings great practical and aesthetic value to the homeowner.

With features far superior to those of its competitors, The Barn Yard’s Traditional Vinyl Cape shed is in a league of its own. The Traditional Vinyl Cape outlasts, outperforms, is more customizable, and just looks better than the competition. It’s truly the best vinyl shed money can buy.

Next Steps

See TBY’s in-stock sheds, available for delivery in as little as 2-3 weeks. If you see something in stock you like but want to make changes to that building, we can custom build one to your specifications. Contact us to get started. You can also browse our Traditional Series section for ideas of the many ways you can customize your shed.

*24x36 4/4 Windows with 12" Louvered Shutters standard on 10' x 16' and larger sheds. 18x27 4/4 Windows with Louvered Shutters standard on sheds smaller than 10' x 16'.

Posted to Blog: Monday, October 10, 2016