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Barn Raising Saturday May 14 in Tolland CT

The general public is invited to watch a barn raising in Tolland, CT on Saturday, May 14. The Barn Yard will be raising the timber frame for a post and beam Carriage Barn garage.

Post and Beam Barn Raising
Post and Beam Barn Raising

The timber frame for the post and beam Carriage Barn was cut at Great Country Timber Frames in Ellington, CT on a CNC machine. This will be a 3-car garage with dormer, all true post and beam with authentic joinery.

It will be exciting on raising day to see all the timbers fit together perfectly. So perfectly in fact, that the crew won’t have to use a saw all day. Watching the raising will be like watching the assembly of a giant Lincoln Logs set!

If you’re interested in attending (and we hope you are!), simply contact us with your information and we’ll send you the exact location and time for the raising.

See you there! For exact location and time, please Contact Us »

Posted to Blog: Tuesday, May 10, 2016