Great Country Timber Frames on CPTV

Our sister company, Great Country Timber Frames, was approached by CPTV (PBS) to be featured on their Made in Connecticut TV Series. CPTV came to Great Country Timber Frames’ Ellington, CT facility to interview key team members and capture the CNC machine in action. The camera crew also came to a raising day in Ridgefield, CT.

Ultimately, Great Country Timber Frames will be featured during the hour-long “Made in Connecticut” show on May 19 at 8pm on CPTV. To promote the show, the following clips were recently broadcast.

What CPTV put together was educational and entertaining, all the while accurately portraying the exciting work done at Great Country Timber Frames. We’d personally like to thank the crew and producers for their hard work in putting this together. They did an exceptional job.

Mark your calendars for May 19 at 8pm, when Great Country Timber Frames will again be featured on CPTV, but this time during the hour-long “Made in Connecticut” show!

Great Country Timber Frames in Ellington, CT cuts all the timber frames for The Barn Yard’s post & beam barns using an advanced CNC machine capable of cutting mortise & tenon joinery to the hundredth of an inch.

Posted to Blog: Thursday, April 28, 2016