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Meet our Sales Team: Dale Luginbuhl

Dale is another valued member of our sales team. An Ellington native, he has worked at The Barn Yard for 10 years.

Sales Representative Dale Luginbuhl with his wife Kathy
Sales Representative Dale Luginbuhl with his wife Kathy

Dale grew up and worked on his family farm here in Ellington, CT. It was a great way of life for him and his family. Dale was fortunate enough to work with his parents, siblings, wife and children for many years. He enjoyed all aspects of dairy farming...except those early cold mornings in the milking parlor!

In high school, Dale met his wife, Kathy. They are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary this year. Together, they raised four children that are all grown now, all married, and have families of their own. One of Dale & Kathy’s greatest joys is being grandparents. Dale says he “never knew how wonderful it could be!”

My 10 year anniversary is this month of my sales position with The Barn Yard. I have seen many changes over the years. I can remember when Everett and Sherry started their first location in Windsor Locks, CT. I worked for them part time then. It’s been an amazing journey! To see Chris and Ev Jr grow up over the years and build this business to be what it is today with their father, I am thankful to have been a part of it.

Dale enjoys the many people he meets each day when they come to The Barn Yard looking for the shed or garage of their dreams. He takes a lot of pride in achieving the customer’s complete satisfaction.

The post and beam building is my favorite. Our sales knowledge and the quality of our product exceed any I have ever seen. I truly enjoy talking with the people and helping customers make the right choice.

Outside of work, one of Dale’s favorite pastimes is golf. He didn’t take this sport up until about ten years ago. Dale enjoys the game, the people and being outdoors. He plays on a league one day a week.

So if you’re in the Ellington area, stop in our Ellington store and ask for Dale. He’d be glad to tell you a story or two, and help guide you to the perfect building, ensuring your 100% satisfaction.

Posted to Blog: Friday, March 04, 2016