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Farewell Windsor Locks

For 31 years, we’ve been on Route 75 in Windsor Locks. With a showcase location just down the road in Ellington, and a new Manufacturing & Design Facility also in Ellington, we are moving our Windsor Locks operations to Ellington.

Archival photo of Windsor Locks store
Archival photo of Windsor Locks store

Effective Friday, December 18 2015, our Windsor Locks store will be moving to Ellington.

We are excited about the move. Our crews will have a brand new 12,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility to work in, and our customers will have a complete selection of buildings to browse, from sheds to garages to post & beam barns, all in Ellington.

In light of the move, we couldn’t help but reminisce about our Windsor Locks store. After all, this is where the Skinner family started The Barn Yard back in 1984. This store has seen a lot of change through the years, and a lot of growth for the company. It has been a wonderful journey, starting selling sheds, then building custom garages, and now offering post & beam barns. Who knew, starting in that little vegetable shack in Windsor Locks, that we would become the company we are today.

To everyone who’s journeyed with us, thank you for riding along. And to our customers, thank you for trusting a little family business back in 1984.

Here’s a comparison for you. First picture is the wall panel manufacturing building in Windsor Locks. Second picture is the manufacturing & design facility in Ellington. We’d been working out of this small shop in Windsor Locks for years. Now that we have a new facility, it was best to combine stores. See you in Ellington!

Posted to Blog: Friday, December 18, 2015