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Sheds: A Classic is Always in Style

When shopping for a storage shed, you want a building that serve you well into the future. The shed should have quality craftsmanship, plus—just as importantly—feature a timeless style. Look no further than our Classic Series sheds & garages. Because a Classic is always in style.

Classic Series Sheds and Single Bay Garages

At The Barn Yard, our Classic Series sheds & garages are designed with timeless style, so you can enjoy them for years to come. While other vendors may also sell sheds, you should remember that a shed is an investment and what looks trendy now may not always be in style. Look carefully at all the sheds you compare. Ask yourself, will I still like the way this shed looks 10 years down the road? The last thing you want is an out of style shed in your back yard!

Below is a photo gallery of Classic Series sheds & garages. You can use this gallery to picture shop and decide which style, color, and features you like best. Also, refer to our online inventory of Classic Series in-stock sheds for pricing. (The online inventory is always up-to-date, so if it’s online, it’s available for fast delivery!) When you see something you like, contact us and we’ll put together a personalized quote for you, often within 24 hours.

Our delivery team delivers Classic Series sheds & garages almost every day, all over New England. Below are some of the recently delivered Classics.

Ready for your own always-in-style Classic shed or garage?

Posted to Blog: Friday, July 31, 2015