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Home is where the Barn is

When Rose & Chris wanted to add a garage to their home in Lunenburg, MA, they remembered seeing The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages at the Big E. They fell in love with The Barn Yard’s barn-style garages. They knew The Barn Yard could design, engineer, and build a barn garage that perfectly complimented the main residence. And that’s exactly what we did.

Home is where the Barn is

24' x 36' Newport Barn Garage with Breezeway Attachment, Lunenburg, MA

Rose & Chris wanted a garage that looked like a barn. Thus, they went with a 12' first floor wall height and chose a herringbone sliding barn door for the front gable end. The sliding door is inset. They also went with 2' x 2' square awning windows and juxtaposed with rectangular double hung windows, adding to the barn look.

24x36 Newport Barn Garage in Lunenburg MA with Herringbone Sliding Barn Door

They connected the garage to the house with a 12' x 12' attached open breezeway with finished cathedral ceiling. Both Rose & Chris are very pleased with how the garage was attached to the house. “You can’t even tell where the old house ends and the new breezeway begins,” they said.

Attached Open Breezeway Leading to New Garage

Around back, the garage serves double duty as a pool house, complete with overhang. Under the overhang, there's another inset sliding barn door with diamond window.

Rear of 24x36 Newport Barn Garage with Breezeway Attachment and Overhang - Situated Next to Pool with Overhang
3' Inset Sliding Barn Door with Diamond Window

The barn is also a garage, of course, and on the driveway side there are two 9x8 Amarr Classica Carriage-Style steel overhead doors with strap hinges/handles and transoms above. Barn lights flood the garage doors with light in the evening.

2-Car Barn Garage in Lunenburg, MA
Classica Carriage-Style steel overhead doors with strap hinges/handles and transoms above

The result is a garage addition that looks as if it’s been there forever. Combined with the white home, the red barn garage is your classic New England style, and the envy of everyone who drives by.

Home is where the Barn is!

Learn more about our Newport barn garages, available with breezeway attachments or detached.

Posted to Blog: Friday, July 17, 2015