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Our Authentic Post & Beam, Now Available as a Shed

Introducing the post and beam shed, done right. With the same precision joinery, same authenticity, same finished planed surface, same windows, same dormer options, and same heavy timber roof rafters as our Carriage Barn, this is the whole package, in a smaller package.

12' x 20' Post & Beam Shed
12' x 20' Post & Beam Shed

Every Inch a Post & Beam

This post and beam shed has all of the same features as the Carriage Barn, right down to the oak pegs that hold the timbers together. Our Carriage Barns are known for their precision joinery and that same precise mortise & tenon joinery is in our post & beam shed. So is the finished planed surface standard on all the timbers, walls, and floor. You’ll find the same windows are available on the shed as on the Carriage Barn, including the elegant bow top window. The same dormer options are available too. Even the same heavy timber roof rafters are in the shed, making it the strongest, most precise, and most authentic post and beam shed on the market.

Hobby Shed, Studio, Garden Shed, Pool House

The options are endless and the interior is intricately designed to inspire and captivate. Be it a hobby shed, artist studio, garden shed, or pool house, this post and beam shed is versatile by design. Dream big, then work with our knowledgeable design team to make it happen.

Available Built or in Kit Form

Looking for the same complete turn-key service we offer with our Carriage Barns? You’ll find it with our post and beam shed too. Except all this post and beam building needs is a crushed stone pad. No concrete foundation required.

Are you handy or looking to get into timber framing? Then this post and beam shed kit is perfect for you. We cut all our post and beams on a CNC machine for precision down to the hundredth of an inch. Which means when you go to put it together, you won’t even need a drill. The kit includes the timber frame only; doors, windows, siding, etc. available in New England as an additional option.

Full specs, including standard features and options coming soon. Contact us for more information. We’ll get back to you quickly and answer all your questions professionally. Even better, come see the post and beam shed in person at our Ellington, CT location.

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Posted to Blog: Thursday, May 14, 2015