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Precisely Built: Barn Raising

The same precision it takes to design & engineer our post and beam barns, it takes to build them. That precision is evident in the raising of this 36' x 32' Carriage Barn. The result of precisely built joinery is a work of art. Read on for more barn raising pictures from this week’s raising in Ellington, CT.

Precisely built complex joinery
Precisely built complex joinery

The crew started on Monday clearing the snow and assembling the main bents. On Tuesday, the crew raised the 36' x 32' Carriage Barn timber frame, completing all the mortise & tenon connections as they went. At 10:30am, they were already done with the crane. Working swiftly and precisely, the crew proceeded with connecting the timbers for the enclosed overhang, including 4x8 timber roof rafters. On Wednesday, the crew completed the roof sheathing, felt paper, and shingles. On Thursday, the crew worked on siding the barn with 1x8 vertical shiplap pine. They built the heavy timber stairway to the second floor as well. On Friday, the crew continued work on the siding and began adding the loft decking. Not bad for a week’s work!

The result of precisely built joinery is a work of art.

36' x 32' Post & Beam Carriage Barn, Ellington, CT. 24' x 32' main barn, 12' x 32' enclosed overhang.

In the following photo gallery, notice the close-ups of features that make our barns better than the competition’s. Real timber rafters, more precise joinery, and bigger posts & beams, to name a few. Also, notice that the same precision-build crew raised the frame, did the roofing, and is taking care of the entire construction process.

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Join us for a barn raising! Contact us with your info. We’ll notify you when we’re raising a barn near you.

Watching a timber frame barn raising is an exciting and educational experience. If you have an interest in experiencing a barn raising in person, we’d be glad to have you. Just contact us with your information and we’ll notify you when we have a barn raising in your area. You’d be welcome to watch, take pictures, and ask questions.

Posted to Blog: Friday, March 06, 2015