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Fall Festival

Our 2nd annual Fall Festival was a glowing success! Thanks to all who visited and got a free pumpkin, carving template, and Hummel hot dog. It was fun to see everyone and we hope to see many of the pumpkins glowing on doorsteps this season, and maybe even some with the brand carved in them!

Fall Festival 2014
Fall Festival 2014

The pumpkins went fast and so did the Hummel hot dogs. We were overwhelmed by the response we got to the Fall Festival. In fact, we had to make an “Additional Parking this way” sign because the parking lot filled up so fast! Enjoy these photos from the event and thanks again to everyone who stopped by.

Download our pumpkin carving template »

Chris took care of getting all the pumpkins for the festival. Here’s how he unloaded the huge box from the truck. We usually use this forklift to carry the buildings around the lot, so the pumpkins were an easy task for it. There were 2 big boxes of pumpkins total for the event.

Posted to Blog: Saturday, October 25, 2014