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The Big E 2005

As this year will be our 30th year at the Big E, we’re looking through the archives and remembering years past. Let’s take a quick look at The Barn Yard at the Big E, circa 2005, when we were joined by Kara Wolters.

Everett Skinner III and Kara Wolters at the Big E
Everett Skinner III and Kara Wolters at the Big E

In 2005, Kara Wolters, of UCONN collegiate and professional basketball fame, joined us at the Big E. At 6', 7" tall, she towered over Everett Skinner III and everyone else! Kara was our spokesperson in 2005 and we were glad to have her as part of the team. She was a member of the University of Connecticut 1995 team that won the NCAA Women’s Division 1 Basketball Championship. That year, they had a perfect 35-0 season. In 2000, Wolters won a USA Basketball Olympic Gold Medal in the Summer Olympic Games. Interestingly enough, just about a week ago, Kara stopped by our Ellington location to get a quote on a new building!

Also pictured with Kara is Lauren Skinner with her cousin Courtney. We’ve included a photo of the Big E program book from 2005, front cover and back cover. For just about 30 years, The Barn Yard has advertised on the Big E back cover. Below is a sneak peak of 2014’s Big E back cover ad.

What memories will this year’s Big E bring? Perhaps in 10 years, we will reflect back on 2014 with fond memories, just as we do today on 2005. We’ll see you at the Big E, Gate 9, where we’ve always been, ready to design, build & deliver the perfect building for you!

Posted to Blog: Wednesday, August 20, 2014