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Then & Now

Things change over the years and we’ve certainly grown. Take these aerial photos for example. The first is Windsor Locks, circa 1996 (our best guess!) and the second is Ellington, circa 2014.

Here in the office, we were speculating about the photo of Windsor Locks, which is an 11x14 film print. Upon closer inspection, we noticed a propane tank (we used to sell propane believe it or not!), the road sign which said “OPEN 7 DAYS,” and all sorts of back yard accessories. Some interesting items to note are playsets, bridges, picnic tables, plus of course plenty of sheds, gazebos, and even a horse barn complete with front pasture. There were lawn chairs on top of the horse barn. It’s interesting to see how the styles have changed through the years. We’re proud to say that we still have our Windsor Locks location and you can step into a bit of history by visiting. We still work out of the same office in Windsor Locks!

In the Ellington photo, you can see how much larger the lot is. This photo was taken from a hot air balloon at about 6:30 in the morning. You can see the shadow of the hot air balloon (we lightened the shadow a bit so you could see the sheds better). Also notice the new post and beam barn on the middle right of the photo. Our Ellington store has a country setting—see the cows grazing in the pasture?

Throughout the year, we’ll post more blasts from the past as we take a stroll down memory lane in celebration of our 30th. Stay tuned!

Posted to Blog: Tuesday, June 24, 2014