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New Referral Program

Announcing our new referral program! $50 cash for you PLUS $50 Texas Roadhouse gift card (while supplies last) and $50 coupon for them. Get the full details here and forward this great deal to your friends.

$50 Cash for You • $50 Coupon for Them

$50 Cash for You and $50 Coupon for Them

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase any building from The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages (applies to previous purchases too).
  2. Recommend The Barn Yard to your friends and family.
  3. When they purchase a building and mention your name at time of sale, they save $50 and you get $50 cash PLUS a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse (while supplies last) so you can celebrate.
  4. Unlimited use! For example, if 2 of your friends purchase, you'll get $100 cash.
  5. $50 Texas Roadhouse gift card is limited to the first 25 people who respond.

Ready to get started? Click the button below to email your friends and family!

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Posted to Blog: Thursday, June 12, 2014