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Solar Barns

These days, many people are adding solar panels as not only a renewable energy source but also a way to save money. We’ve seen solar panels on garages becoming an increasingly popular option. Garage solar additions are economical & ecological. Interested in building a solar barn? We work together with Earthlight Technologies to bring solar barns to you.

30' x 24' Newport in Monson MA with solar panels
30' x 24' Newport in Monson MA with solar panels

From powering just a few energy-efficient lights to running the meter backwards, a solar-electric, or photovoltaic (PV), system can scale to meet your needs. Solar barns have many benefits, including: independence from utilities, money savings, and increased home value, not to mention being an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. There are often financial incentives for solar as well, like state or federal government programs and tax credits. Plus, with a big enough solar array and during minimal draw, the homeowner can actually run the meter backwards, where the solar power generated is output to the grid so other residents on the grid can use it. Then when the homeowner needs the power for his own needs, he draws it back off the grid.

As solar power comes into the mainstream, we’re seeing more of our customers plan their new barn around solar. We work together with Earthlight to help the homeowner plan the barn location, roof pitch, and power needs. Some customers install a small solar panel and battery to power lights inside the barn or garage. This way, they don’t have to run electricity to the barn. Others put up a full solar array and use the energy in their home. Or, the solar array can power the entire garage shop.

The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages is uniquely positioned as the best company to offer solar barns because of our mastery of the entire building process and our partnership with Earthlight. Our detached garages and garage additions are stylish and well built. Most importantly, our in-house engineer is able to engineer the roof to support the weight of the solar panels. Finally, our own local crew builds the structure on-site & Earthlight installs the solar panels.

See the gallery below for some recent examples of solar barns.

The time to get started with solar is now. In Connecticut, there is a 2-week window starting late January or early February for the Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credit (ZREC). With the ZREC, Solar PV becomes around a 5 year or less payback! Other states offer similar incentives. All it takes is a little planning now and working with the right people & you’ll be enjoying the numerous benefits of solar PV installed on your new barn or garage.

As part of our partnership with Earthlight, we recently built a 35' x 60' Roosevelt-style commercial warehouse addition with second floor at Earthlight’s location in Ellington, CT. A second story is rare for a Roosevelt, but in this case, with the 6/12 roof pitch and 35' width, it was possible. The project features a loading dock in one bay, 3 garage doors total, white vinyl maintenance-free siding, and clear span truss construction. Being an addition project, it is tied into the existing building via a 36' steel beam. Because of the steel beam, Earthlight has the option to open up the tie-in portion in the future. The warehouse will be used to store Earthlight’s solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and electrical equipment.

There are many exciting possibilities with solar energy. We’d be glad to help you get started with your garage solar addition. Contact us today about your solar barn!

Posted to Blog: Thursday, December 26, 2013