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Large Barn Project Built Right

The barn builders at The Barn Yard have built this large 78' x 200' barn in Goshen, CT the right way. Attention to detail, hard work by our own crew, and commitment to the original vision have created what you see today. Our barn building crew is now putting the finishing touches on the barn...only 2 weeks from raising the very first walls.

View from Above
View from Above

It all started with a vision.

A vision to store & protect farm equipment, hay, trucks and trailers. To fit into the landscape. To withstand the harsh elements congruent to life atop a mountain.

From that original vision, we worked with our customer to design & engineer a barn based on our Patriot Custom Garages and Patriot Equine Buildings with a gambrel—or, barn-like—roof. On site, existing barns were demolished leaving only two silos and lots of possibilities. Many months later, the design was finalized and we were ready to build.

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A few finishing touches remain on the exterior, but most of the hard work is done. We send a heartfelt thank you to our customer for trusting the barn builders at The Barn Yard. Soon, everything will be completed and we will move along to our next project. However, we will never forget this record-setting 78' x 200' barn in Goshen, CT.

Posted to Blog: Wednesday, October 30, 2013