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East Meets West

Where the sophistication of the East meets the inspired design of the West, you’ll find our new Bethel showcase location. Reclaimed beams from old barns were used to create the siding of the new office. The building is now mostly sided in clapboard siding that was cut down from the reclaimed barn wood. Rusted metal, stone work, and timber framing complete the western look. Click to see more pictures and experience Bethel as it stands today.

Artist’s Previsualization of Finished Office
Artist’s Previsualization of Finished Office

We are proud to have utilized reclaimed materials in the construction of our new office in Bethel. The siding has an interesting story in particular. As you can see in the top of the building, also known as the parapet, we’ve utilized barn board. But not just any barn board. This is authentic reclaimed wood from old New England barns. The color of the parapet reflects the real color of the reclaimed wood—we used it as is. Now look at the clapboard siding by the windows and awnings. That clapboard siding is cut down from the same beams that we used on the parapet. It reflects the natural color of the interior of the old barn beams. Combine that with rusted metal, stone work, & timber framing and you have a building that’ll strike you as one straight out of the west.

Posted to Blog: Friday, August 02, 2013