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The Barn Yard’s Premier Shed Delivery Service

In this video, see how a shed is delivered with the Mule: The Barn Yard’s Premier Shed Delivery Service.

Welcome to the future of shed delivery in CT, MA, RI and New England. Introducing the Mule: The Barn Yard’s new premier way to deliver sheds, and the first of its kind in Connecticut. The Mule reduces the weight of shed delivery by almost 20,000 pounds compared to the traditional method of truck and trailer shed delivery.

The Mule is a lightweight, quiet, remote-controlled machine capable of delivering even the largest sheds with ease. It’s the first of its kind in CT—no one else but The Barn Yard offers this service. By using the Mule instead of a typical shed delivery with truck and trailer, almost 20,000 pounds are saved from the customer’s yard. Tight spaces and challenging sites that may have been an issue before with traditional truck & trailer shed delivery are now no problem for the Mule.

Customers are encouraged to ask their salesperson for details. The Barn Yard is scheduling Mule deliveries on a first come, first served basis.

The Barn Yard is known for their highly trained delivery drivers, and the Mule is another reason why they are the premier shed delivery team in the region.

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Posted to Blog: Wednesday, September 11, 2019